Welcome to the Melt the Code website. This is a Progressive Web Application (PWA) exploring my interests in Science / Technology / Engineering / Math (STEM), photography, and nerd culture. There may be other miscellaneous topics I explore but those are the main ones. You will be able to explore these topics through several mediums accessible via this application. You will also find services I develop as part of my main skills as a software engineer that form the bulk of the content in the STEM section. Below is how you navigate this application.

I hope you find this information useful and exciting. Please share with others if you do!


The page layout has a dedicated header with a menu for switching the page content. Each page content has dedicated tabs to switch between major aspects of that content. What each of these pages has is further described in the table below.

Menu / Tabs

Page Description
Melt the Code This page will organize information into different mediums for exploring topics of interest. The tabs will include blogging, photography, presentations, and videos. Each of these are under development but as the content gets built out, I will activate that tab.
Cross Platform Services This page will break out the different aspects of the cross platform services. This include a Command Line Interface (CLI), Native Applications, and Single Page Application (SPA) as Progressive Web Application (PWA). Also included will be native support via C/C++ and a Raspberry Pi car project that makes use of this service.
About Me This page will include my software engineering experience and the ways you are able to contact and follow me.


Will contain a donate option to buy me a cup of coffee. I do this in my spare time to try to impart knowledge and provide useful services to others. If you find this information useful, any little bit can help. Thank You!